I guess my hobby (read: addiction) of skincare and makeup all started with a yoga pose gone terribly, terribly wrong. Cue the sirens and paramedics. I ended up spending the next eight weeks in bed befuddled by crutches and rehabbing under duress. After finishing Netflix’s entire library, I turned to YouTube and discovered the wonderful and powerful world of beauty influencers. Soon after, I was on a first name basis with my UPS, DHL, and Fed Ex delivery guys, and found myself experimenting with all sorts of products in a quest to not only figure out what worked best on my skin, but also why. And if I found something I liked, my wonderfully patient friends were inundated with my enthusiasm (some would say “obsession”) for a new find. Rather than continuing to blow up their phones with my constant ramblings on skincare, makeup, fashion, etc., I thought I ought to start a website. That way, I would still have some friends left. Oh yeah, and it is WAY more fun than finishing grad school!